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6th International Congress of IoPT 14.-16. October 2022

War and Peace inside me

Self-encounters instead of Self-destruction

Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert



12.00 Opening of the Congress
12.15-13.45 Franz Ruppert: War and Peace inside me (Lecture)
13.45-14.15 break
14.15-15.45 IoPT-live self-encounter in Munich also made accessible on ZOOM
15.45-16.00 break
16.00-17.00 Questions and Answers


12.00–13.30 Franz Ruppert: The practice of IoPT (lecture)
13.30-14.00 break
14.00 – 15.45 Supervision Self-encounter in Munich also accessible on ZOOM
15.45-16.00 break
16.00-17.00 Question and Answers


12.00-13.00 What is new in IoPT? (platform www.ioptinformedsocieties.com, books. Facebook
Groups. Activities in different countries)
13.00-13.15 break
13.15-14.45 Individual session live in Munich also accessible on ZOOM
14.45-15.15 break
15.15-16.30 Individual self-encounter under supervision live-online
16.30-17.00 end of the congress

Times mentioned in this program are MEZ, that means: Sydney +9 hours, Singapore +6 hours, Moscow +1 hour, London -1 hour, Brasilia -5 hours, Los Angeles – 9 hours

The lectures and live sessions will take place at Englmannstr. 2 in Munich. There will be space for 50 participants. What happens there will be immediately made available on ZOOM.

Places in the Englmannstr. 2 in Munich can not be booked. You can only register for onlineparticipation.

You can participate online either individually at home or as a group in private meeting rooms or in the practice centres of IoPT-practitioners. It would be helpful if there is a big screen or a technical device so you can present the live-events in Munich for the group.

We highly recommend you make this congress an opportunity to come together with your intervision/supervision/support peer groups in many places worldwide.

The language of the Congress is English. We provide translations into German, Brasilian/Portugues,

Russian, Chinese.

You can apply to this congress on www.franz-ruppert.de or www.ioptinformedsocieties.com

The price is:

€250 for all three days
€100 for each single day

We very welcome you to join the community of IoPT-interested and -informed human beings.

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